IT Solutions

Technical Support
ASK Technologies provides High quality, Responsive & Cost effective skilled IT support for desktops, servers, applications,Email facilities and other slide_6networking equipment. If your business relies heavily on IT infrastructure then it is important to engage an experienced IT company that delivers business grade computer support and advice.

Onsite IT Support – this can be done on an as needed basis, scheduled visits or as part of our managed IT services offering for a fixed monthly fee.

Remote IT Support – Our engineers can take remote control of your server or computer and diagnose and fix your IT Support issues.
Our core objective is to provide your business with a stable IT infrastructure and reliable support system. With our team of friendly engineers and knowledgeable consultants at your disposal you can have confidence in your IT infrastructure.

Our support also covers exchange servers. These are specifically designed to optimise emailing, and give anywhere access. Used mostly for businesses seeking to use Microsoft Outlook and their own domain. And for those wishing to exercise the benefits of a cloud-based account.

We recommend the Symantec back-up for all servers. Archiving technology and integrated deduplication are just some of its features, meaning downtime is minimised.

Online back-ups and disaster recovery strategies complete the server support mix, data restoration and use of temporary replacement servers just two of the elements